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#1 Pub Crawl in Israel

Known as the “party capital” of the Middle East, Tel Aviv, Israel is home to many unforgettable bars and clubs. With so many great options and new experiences to be had, D-TLV Pub Crawl is the simplest and most enjoyable way to hit all the highlights of Tel Aviv’s iconic nightlife! Every night offers a unique tour, but regardless of when you join D-TLV Pub Crawl you’ll enjoy free drinks and VIP entrance to 4 select venues with unique offerings- such as the hit spots Kuli Alma, Drama, Zoo Zoo, Jimmy Who?, Sputnik, and more.

Since 2017, D-TLV’s mission has been to provide pub crawl participants the most memorable nights out and to enjoy all that Tel Aviv has to offer. Personable guides make the company’s vision a reality by leading you on a night of drinking, dancing, games, and mingling. Avital Levin, founder and owner, says the guides are what sets them apart from other nightlife companies in Tel Aviv, “Our friendly guides go above and beyond with participants. They do more than just navigate from venue to venue- they play games, offer a safe environment to be social, and encourage participants to let loose and have fun.” Venue management and pub crawl participants know Avital and the guides well, because they make sure everything is done correctly and that the D-TLV staff leave a positive mark on the city. D-TLV Pub Crawl has built a nightlife empire, and it because of their consistent efforts to ensure participants have positive experiences that D-TLV Pub Crawl is so well respected.

D-TLV Pub Crawls offer public crawls every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, starting at 10pm. Tickets can be found on their website and third-party sites, such as TripAdvisor,  Eventbrite, Peek, Civitatis, Musement, and Tourist Israel. Additionally, D-TLV Pub Crawl offers private pub crawls and parties to be booked for groups, both big and small, to be catered and managed to any specifications at some of Tel Aviv’s most notable bars and rooftop locations.

With a central meeting point, knowledgeable guides, and amazing prizes and swag, D-TLV is known as the top choice for Tel Aviv pub crawls. Whether you’re visiting or a local, solo or with a group of friends, first-time pub-crawl participant or novice, D-TLV is sure to give you a remarkable night.

Stay up to date with all D-TLV has to offer by checking them out on all social media platforms, their website, or by email at for more information.