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There are numerous possibilities for partying in the Las Vegas nightlife! If you want a stress-free, upscale, unforgettable nightlife experience. The best option is a private crawl in Las Vegas! How can you go wrong with Free expedited entrance, a customisable lineup, private party buses, and a VIP host?


What is a Las Vegas private crawl?

A private crawl is everything you love about a club crawl or a bar crawl in Las Vegas, but it is made specifically for you! It doesn't matter if you are celebrating an approaching birthday, your upcoming wedding, or the fact that you dumped your soul-sucking ex. There is no better way to party hard than with a night out that is exclusively for you. Why pick between heading to the Las Vegas Strip with a Las Vegas Club Crawl or bar-hopping with a Fremont Street Bar Crawl when you can do BOTH in one night?

The difference between a Las Vegas Private crawl and a Las Vegas Club crawl?

In other words, a private crawl is made specifically for YOU! A typical bar crawl or club crawl involves visiting 1-2 bars or lounges, and 1-2 popular nightclubs. To attend the party, though, you must adhere to a strict itinerary and a premade lineup. If you're a small group, this works out perfectly. However, for larger groups, why not plan a special night out? Your group will have exclusive access to clubs, private transportation, and a  VIP host to look out for you! Regular crawls costs between $70 and $80 per person, but private crawls can cost between $80 to $130, but you get so much more in return!

Booking a private crawl relieves you of all the burden while also being more affordable when organizing your own party. With LA Epic Club Crawls, you can reserve a private crawl and count on an experienced event planner to organize the WHOLE night for you! Trust the professionals to get you into the best bars, party buses, and VIP hosts to keep the party going!

The benefits?

Along with having a planner for the evening, you also have a personal VIP host to assist you. They will ensure that you enter all of your places quickly. The host will speak with the party bus drivers and share all of the insider information regarding Las Vegas nightlife. Exclusive LA Epic drink specials, free express entrance, and the best nightlife buses that Vegas has to offer which includes free drinks, are all available to your group! What are the advantages of skipping a Las Vegas private crawl, is the real question.

How do I start?

Priorities first! To view some of the fantastic add on packages and shows you can add to your night, visit LA Epic Club Crawls. Anything from a Helicopter tour of the city to a drag brunch at Señor Frogs! To speak with a qualified party planner, just phone or enter your information online! You want to go to LIGHT Nightclub? See some Aussie heat with Thunder from Down Under show? Want to go to your favorite bar in Las Vegas, We can accomplish it! Talk with your event planner beforehand. You will receive an estimate and a unique bundle from the planner. Then you're prepared to go out and begin your unforgettable night! Make your reservations and get in contact with the links that are below.