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Welcome to our site with the world's best pub crawl accordingly to traveler's choice and rankings of Google my business, TripAdvisor and Airbnb.

Whether you are visiting a new city, or just looking to try something new, bar crawls are a fun way to experience the area. They are a great way to meet people and sample drinks from local breweries and distilleries.

Prepare your next travel destination and enjoy one of our selected choice of the best pub crawl of all time.

Pub Crawl Origin

Originally, pub crawls were a way for people to explore more bars. They also served a practical purpose, providing cheap liquors and basically a way to meet local and international people. A typical pub crawl involves stopping at a few bars for a drink certainly then meeting up at the next stop. The goal is to find new bars and to make friends. Typically, a bar crawl involves drinking in a group, but the organizer can set the rules.

The idea was born from the need to be able to identify the best pub crawls in each city consequently avoid tourist traps and make your experience the most pleasant and fun. Through this website you can be sure that the choice you make will be the best that can be given to you.

There are many large cities that offer themed pub crawls with the best pub crawl rules. Some popular pub crawls include the Santa Claus Crawl evidently which takes place in December. Or Halloween pub crawls in cities like Barcelona or Nashville in USA that give best pub crawl costumes included with the price.

Best pub crawl in the world

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    Faqs about the best pub crawl

    1How we choose the best pub crawl in each city?
    We select the pub crawls that have something different to offer you. Whether it is spectacular attention, an incredible route, some splendid guides, we select the bar tours that differ from the competition and that you must surely choose from among the others. We identify the ones with the best reviews from all the existing pub crawls in each city. We look at reviews from Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, GetYourGuide, Viator and more.
    2What aspects do we take into account for our selection?
    One of the characteristics that a pub crawl must have to be selected is to be very funny and present a certain originality. A characteristic that differentiates it from the competition and that makes it unique at the same time. We consider aspects such as the route, the price, the places that are visited and, even in some cases, the quality of alcohol that they provide. You can be sure that we have strived to offer you only the best selection of the best pub crawls in the world.
    3Best place to do a pub crawl?
    The pub crawls that are in cities with beaches, like Barcelona, are incredibly fun, but there are also others in big cities like Berlin where the musical genre is what gives more points. Choosing the perfect city to do a pub crawl depends more on your tastes. Visit all our winners and choose the city that best suits you and your personality.
    4Which pub crawl is the best?
    There is not a favorite for everyone but several sensational ones around the world. We have chosen the best pub crawls from all cities around the world so that, once you visit them, you can live magnificent experiences.
    5How to prepare for a pub crawl?
    We know what a pub crawl is and there is no better way to be prepared than to know what to expect that night. Eat well to avoid bad moments, dress comfortably but appropriately, remember that you will visit not only bars but also fashionable clubs. Despite the fact that there are cities with a beach, sandals are not allowed, so be especially careful about this. Take cash to get discounts on drinks that the organizers usually give you and take lots of souvenir photos of this magnificent experience.
    6What are the best pub crawl outfits?
    There is a saying that fashion is what suits you the most. Most of the pubcrawlers dress according to their personality and many choose a smart casual style. Styles like hipster and classic grunge are more popular in the American continent, while in Europe fashion and avant-garde styles are preferred.
    7What to eat before a pub crawl?
    e recommend that before doing any pub crawl or activity where alcohol consumption is involved, you eat enough. Do not go to one of these events with an empty stomach and avoid a bad experience. Carbohydrate foods such as pasta are ideal for this, as are broths with natural animal fat. These types of foods will create a kind of layer in your stomach and help you process alcohol properly.